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Regional Sports Continued

February 12, 2009

This is a follow up to a post on my other blog.  As I see it my idea of a semi pro/amateur regional basketball (or other sport) league rests on a few key conclusions.  They are:

1. That people naturally enjoy live sporting events because of the excitement and passion that is created.

2. That people generally love the city they live in more than other nearby ones, if only because they are inherently competitive

3. That local talent is more sympathetic than talent from elsewhere.

4. That although the level of play would be below that of any professional league, the low price point would overcome the talent deficiency.

5. That talent could come from those high school players who couldn’t go to college or university, and players who had used up their eligibility or were done school.

6. That civic leaders would openly support the idea of community building.

7. That national sport organizations would like the potential for grass roots development through academies, tournaments and coaching opportunities.

8. That families could find affordable entertainment that their children can relate to.

9. That by limiting player expenses, travel costs, and partnering with local government running a franchise is feasible with minimal sponsorship.

10. That by utilizing alternative media and the internet the league can be highly accessible to its fan base.

11. That the owners are committed to growing the game and the community.

I don’t think these are unreasonable propositions. Many new sports leagues launch as national entities that hope to gain a portion of the market share of larger leagues. The vision behind this type of league is much narower and is focused on small growth in local areas in order to limit costs and to build familliarity betwen the players and the fans. It remains to be seen if people will come out to support such teams, but with the low cost approach fans can discover the league slowly without crippling the teams.