Phony (But Real) Basketball Coverage Season Preview

Since this blog has an all sports mandate, but it comletely undefined beyond that broad category, I am going to write a bit about my fake team, the Archers, in the online basketball simulation game, Basketsim.  After two and a half seasons in Canada league 2.1 we have finally made it into the top flight of Canadian teams.  Our season began this week, but before I get to that game I want to discuss my roster as it is currently composed.  I have 13 players at the moment but that is likely to change as three of my stars are up for sale, Dotan Eisner, Orest Boariu, and Ashley Ashmore.  Orest is probably the most surprising because it was his edition to the team along with Ian Kilmartin and Zacharie Baker that helped bring the Archers to the next level.  Even though more change will be needed to improve our chances going forward this is the roster as currently composed:

Ian Kilmartin PG

Ian was a draft pick from the end of my first season. He has been a fixture in the lineup since joining the team, and he has put up good numbers for us, scoring 14.5 points per game on 52.1% shooting and 31.4% from deep.  He will likely move to a back up role when I make a much needed upgrade at PG.

Kamil Kochlewski SG

Kamil was an offseason acquisition who is expected to get the majority of starts at SG this year. The 22 year old will have to elevate his game this year. In 44 career matches he has averaged 13.2 points on 51.2% shooting, but has no business taking 3s (25.5%).  He has to improve on a 7 average rating against stiff competition in 1.1.

Augustin Meici SG

Meici joined the team last season as part of a plan to upgrade prior to the Cup.  He played a large number of games at SG and responded by scoring 16.8 points per game.  He will be a back up this season but could see some laying time depending on match ups.

Leo Parker SG

The youngest player on the roster has shown a bit of promise by avergains 10.6 points and shooting over 40% beyond the arc. His poor 2pt shooting and the reality of life in 1.1 will probably lead this 17 year old to the transfer market.

Eric Rautins F

Instantly became the team’s best player when he came out of college this offseason, Rautins has the potential to be a franchise player for the Archers.  He is undersized for a forward but I could see him working in the SF spot this year.  Will only get better.

Eliseo Palma SF

Palma was another mid season pick up who played serious minutes for the Archers in the Cup.  Despite being undersized he managed 4.9 rebounds and 0.2 blocks per game.  His 2.2:2.1 assist to turnover ratio was better than many of his teammates.  Palma will get a chance to play the odd game this year, but shouldn’t have a large impact on the season.

Rene Norman SF

The 19 year old has shown some promise in his young career and should continue to grow this season.  He has done a good job of protecting the basketball (1.6 turnovers) but has not made an impact as a scorer (8.5 points).  He will need to improve his offensive game if he wants playing time.

Mathieu Gosling F/C

Gosling is a player who confounds most observers. While not particularly gifted he has been an impact player for the Archers since the day I took over the team.  His 10.4 points and 7.2 rebounds have contributed to many wins.  At 7′, the team can certainly use his size, but with all the new player I doubt we will see much of him this year. He is the final remaining original Archer with the release of Mathieu Morris.

Lorenzo Lusio PF

Although a little short for the position, Lusio was brought in to solidify the power forward spot for the time being. He comes in with a strong career, averaging a 12.2 rating over his career with 12 points and 5 rebounds per game.

Zacharie Baker F/C

Baker joined this team as a college player two seasons ago.  He has been an impact player and should continue to get minutes as a starter.  He can score (11.8 points), shoots the ball well (56.3%) and gets boards (5.5).  I would expect him to be a part of the Archers plans going forward.

This will be a difficult season for the Archers as we adapt to being in the top league against fantastic teams.  There will be more roster changes once their arena has been renovated and the coffers fill up with money.  Avoiding relegation is the real challenge for this squad, but if they can steal a few games and win the close ones, they can at least earn themselves a playoff to stay up.


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